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Labradoodle, Baloo after his doggy groom... Such a handsome man!Grooming Philosophy

   At Doggy Doos my goal as a professional groomer is to develop a loving life-long relationship with each dog in my care, to earn their trust, to help them truly enjoy their grooming sessions (:doggy spa days:) and, of course, to help them look and feel their very best.
   I allot myself, on average, 2 hours per full haircut groom. This allows me the time to truly pamper each pet in my care…  I can take an extra 10 minutes to give an sore arthritic dog a warm salted water hydro-massage or use the extra time to apply moisturizing paw balm to “Sampson’s” cracked pads. It also gives me time to discuss the causes and remedies for “Nelly’s” tear stains with you… If “Chewey” needs extra help moving past a grooming phobia, we are able to take our time and slowly work through it. Older dogs benefit from the slower pace too, because I will never hesitate to give them a much needed break.
   I know that dogs can feel our energy.  I also know that I could push myself and groom 2 or 3 more dogs a day.  But I would be rushed, and each pet would feel my tension. The slower approach is very rewarding for me personally, but most importantly my fuzzy clients (& their people) are happy.  
    Doggy Doos only uses the highest quality grooming shampoos, conditioners and coat sprays on the market.  They are customized for each dog’s specific coat type or skin condition. They contain luxurious ingredients such as Royal Jelly, Dead Sea Salts and  Evening Primrose oil.  Medicated, hypoallergenic, whitening, etc… shampoos and conditioners are always used at no extra charge, because if your dog needs it, he or she should have it! Our equipment is state-of-the-art and always sanitized between each grooming session.
   I think that -if the dog allows it- bows, scarves and general foo-foo should also be part of any groom.  The dogs are usually very excited to wear their doggy-foo...  I think it's because they know it will earn them extra cute-points, which means extra attention! (If you have any special requests for your doggy-foo, just give me a call  a day or two before our groom and I’ll accommodate as best I can).
    In closing, I believe that grooming dogs means a lot more than just washing or shaving them down. It should help to improve the dog's life AND giving him or her style... Pet stylists should continually educate themselves by regularly attending grooming seminars and conferences. Products and industry standards are always changing and it’s a groomer’s responsibility to keep up! We should understand different coat types and breed standards. We should be able to identify and safely treat different parasites and skin disorders, as well as point out changes in your dog’s body that you may not notice on a day to day basis. We should know exactly what ingredients are in each product we use and what they do. Finally, groomers have to know how to safely respond to a medical emergency if, God-forbid, one arises.
   Your dog will need to be groomed routinely for its entire life… As their groomer, it’s my responsibility (and bliss) to give him or her the safest and most enjoyable experience possible!                                                                                                                  

                                               Jenny Kelly, Owner/Groomer

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